the master craftswomen

The Master Craftswomen

Christine Steidler has nutured a close relationship to the violin from childhood. At the age of seven she bagan 12 years of violin lessons and because of her enthusiasm for the instrument began 3 years learning the Viola at the age of sixteen.

She used her musical skills by playing one of her instruments in different Project-Orchesteras.

She began her trade as Violin maker in Klingental (Vogtland – Germany) under the instruction of Lothar Sandner and Sven Gerbeth. Christine completted her trade as violin maker very successfully in 2001 in Markneukirchen (Vogtland – Germany).

In 2001 she was presented with 1st Place in the practical component of a State wide Junior Handworkers competition. Christine Steidler also obtained the 1st Place in the practical component of a Nation wide Junior Handworkers competition in the same year.

During 2001-2005 she studied at the West Sachsen Acadamie Zwickau – Specialising in Applied Arts Schneeberg – Building of Musical instrument courseMarkneukirchen campus. Christine completed her Masters during her studies. Her course and the Masters studies were overseen by Violinmaker Master Craftsmen Eckart Richter, Reinhard Bönsch and Haiko Seifert.

In 2004 Christine furthered her skills by taking part in a Bow making workshop under the instruction of Hans Karl Schmidt

Christine Steidler completed her course as Diplom Designer (FH) in Building Musical instruments(String instruments) in 2005 with a Diploma.
In 2005 she completed her Masters exam in Markneukirchen very successfully.

Christine Steidler opened her Violin business in 2006 in Klingenthal (Vogtland)

She relocated her business to Kühlungsborn and Bad Doberan on the Baltic Sea in northern Germany in 2007 / 2010.